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Legion of Coruscant
Legion of Coruscant WANTS YOU!

The link above will tell you most of what you need to know about our organization.
We are:
A. PVE Oriented, but not limited to.
B. Matureish (ages ranging from 17-They'dRatherNotMention)
C. Drama-free
D. Quest & Crafting addicts.
E. Veteran MMO Players (3+ years in various games in the same guild)
F. Often intoxicated, and highly opinionated.

We aren't:
A. Looking to get very large. No more than 20-30 active players optimally.
B. Looking to take ourselves too seriously.
C. Looking to RP in anything but an ironic manner.
D. Going to put up with any drama from any source.

We have three basic rules:
1. Have Fun.
2. Try to use vent (especially if in instance/raid).
3. Check your drama (and possibly sanity) at the door.

If you feel like you might belong in The Legion of Coruscant. Please feel free to contact one of the guild's representatives listed at the bottom of this thread, visit our official guild website linked at the top of this post, or simply post your request in this thread.
(2nd LOC link is our Recruitment Video)

Guild Contact Representatives:
Kyng (Leader), Wonderllama-Con (hey, that's me!), Wooja (officer)

Just wanted to mention that most of the LOC met in SWG a few years back on the Flurry Server...We are Vets of many, many MMO's (admittedly some for a very short period of time) but right now, and for the past couple years very steady, we've been hanging out on Brandywine in Middle Earth...

So again, if you're looking for a Mature-ish Guild that likes to have a lot of laughs, never takes itself too seriously, and enjoys the occasional bashing of Liberals, give us a shout...

Good luck in all your SWTOR endeavors, and may the Force be with you all...
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Coming in Game Update 1.2

WooJa_Alden, Mar 8, 12 9:08 PM.
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